Google Assistant is upping its safety qualifications. Starting up currently, you can use Google’s electronic helper to manage your Nest Secure program. Even superior, you can discuss to your Google Assistant by the Nest Guard that functions as the system’s centerpiece.

You will be capable to arm your program with a voice command. You can also discuss to the Nest Guard hub and give any command you would give to a Google Assistant outfitted clever speaker these as the Google Home.

Provided that Google owns Nest, this integration helps make a great deal of perception. Arming your program with your voice is an apparent update. Amazingly, you will not likely really be capable to disarm your program with your voice. You will even now require to enter your pin into your Nest Guard for that. I fully grasp the warning driving the limitation, as Google’s voice recognition can be easily tricked. Even now, offering your pin with a voice command would have been a pleasant solution. 


We appreciated the Nest Protected program when we reviewed it, but imagined the selling price of the $500 starter package was far too steep. Now that the Nest Guard can double as a voice managed hub, that will support its flexibility. It really is also a pleasant gain for Google in excess of its major competitor in the smart home. Amazon owns Ring, which has a related safety program named Ring Alarm Security. As of nevertheless, Amazon’s assistant Alexa can not manage Ring’s program. 

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